Friday, May 01, 2009

dinner with the mayor

So, Betsy and I had the nicest dinner of our entire lives last week.

It was a banquet thanking the individuals and organizations who donated money to bring to life what is now known as 4 Market Square, INC; which includes Cafe 4, The Fellows Program, The Square Room, etc. It is also where Crossings has our office space and meets for worship on Sunday mornings.

Since Mark and Monica were out of town, Betsy and I got to go as the representatives of Crossings. We dined privately with about 20 people, including city councilmen, CEOs, owners of banks...not to mention the friggin' mayor. Basically, we were hobnobbing with the movers and shakers of Knoxville.

It was a 5 course meal with h'ordeurves and all the fine wine we could handle. The menu include more items that I could not pronounce than items that I could; but it was all unbelievably good. The main course was Steak and Lobster.

The center-pieces on the tables were huge assortments of fresh sugar-coated fruit; we were given gifts and the parking was valet. It was like prom...but with less dancing and more millionaires.

Needless to say, Betsy and I were a little out of our league. Want proof? In the car on the way to dinner, hair done and all dressed up, looking like maybe we will fit in...Betsy saw a truck with a interesting business name, got extremely excited and took the picture below.

How classy are we?

(click the picture to enlarge the photo if you can't read the name of the business)

EDIT: Betsy would like to add that there was a surprise private Sara Groves concert after the dinner! It was very good! She may have met Sara and told her that she was having "a moment". The end of the edit.


Justin said...

very classy Bill and Betsy. Of course I would have also laughed.

ragamuffinminister said...


SCOTT said...

a meal in Knoxville with the mayor zero dollars,

all the wine you can handle zero dollars,

seeing that sign..priceless

greg said...

Why are you stalking and constantly photographing my dad?

Anonymous said...

Everyone there would have laughed at that. That is what I like about the jet set crowd. Much more like you and me than you would think. The only ones that are truly different? Old money. At least that is what I have found.

A little surf and turf. Nice.


Rafael said...

so . . . exactly how much fine wine can you handle, William?

bill said...

A lot, Rafael...a lot.

In fact, the reason Betsy had to add the part about the Sara Groves concert is because I have no recollection of it. By that point I was passed out drunk in the alley behind 4 Market Square.

Courtney said...

i've totally seen that truck in knoxville before! i remember tailgating very closely so i could get a picture of it on my phone. hilarious! ah, memories.