Monday, May 04, 2009

Ok, so this really is a thing.

Last night Bill and I were bored to tears with what was on tv.  Bill suggested we check out what was On Demand.  I told him we didn't get that anymore.  Turns out, we do have On Demand!  So I skimmed through the latest music videos, almost watched a show called "Cool Jew Author", looked to see if anything from tv was on there, but ended up watching "Cardioke" on the fitness category.  Yes, Cardioke is a thing!

Don't believe me?

AND it's a GREAT workout. However, you feel absolutely ridiculous doing it. Especially if you're the only one doing it and Bill is sitting on the couch laughing. But I did about 25 minutes worth of it. The muscles in the back of my head hurt from smiling so hard and I was sweating.

Only negative thing (besides the silliness) is this song Billy Blanks Jr's wife wrote that closes the whole thing out about how we are enough just the way we are. I see where they are coming from, but it could also be the anthem of complacency. I will do this again. It's like I'm on concert in my own living room. I don't have to try out for Making the Band, after all!


ragamuffinminister said...

please try not to blog about things that will only make me want to completely harass you endlessly. please??? it's not fair. i like you. i really do. and i want it to stay that way.

besides, jake should be chiming in soon and he'll do a much better job than i ever could.

Anonymous said...

I could picture this playing out in my head...

betsy said...

yes, but you've seen me DDR so it wouldn't be hard to picture.

Going Weston said...

Loved the comment.

I've been youtubing her band ever since I saw it. They have the full verson of that song about no more booty calls, I think it's called "Sweet ballad" SO funny.

The first song killed me though, something about wanting to break his bones and spit on him or something, but it was really melodic. Good grief that kills me.

Thanks for the warning, I didn't think I would see that movie anyways. I was at a family's house of a girl I coach having dinner and the mother and I started talking dogs...she had to put her dog to sleep a couple years ago and was more upset about that than when her mom died. Then I told her my story and we both were crying! isn't that embarrassing! at dinner at somebodies house?! at least she understood. Needless to say, not ready to watch a movie about a yellow lab. Good lookin out.

I couldn't make it to confessment because friday is senior night for the girls and i have a role. Which makes the following week districts. But we'll see how it goes. I still would love to come. Billz-I'm still an option, this is not my way of trying to get out of paying by showing up last minute. I will be in touch this weekend or early next week about everything. I yearn for that trip.

Good talk.

ragamuffinminister said...

so. about that "2 authors=more blogging". not so much.

just ribbing as normal. but THIS is partially why i had to reevaluate my blogging. it can be hard to keep up. i just ended that sentence with a preposition.

peace out.

oops. did it again.