Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a random (and pointless) quandary

I have neither Twitter nor Facebook, though I'm pretty sure I understand the purpose of both. One thing I do not understand, however, is this: if you have both Twitter and Facebook, how do you differentiate between updating your Facebook status and "tweeting"?

It seems to me a "tweet" and a status update are the exact same thing, clever and/or informative quips about where you are at or what you are doing?

I promise I am not knocking either. I really am curious. I know a lot of my friends have both, so for those you who do...any help?


Anonymous said...

I thought you could somehow update your twitter through Facebook. Not sure though. Twitter is the interesting phenomena to me. My tweets would be the most boring ever. "Just marked up a presentation!" Not sure how sustainable it will be in the long run. Facebook will be around (or something like it) probably into the next generation. They both need to make money though. That will be key obviously.


ragamuffinminister said...

i typed a long comment, but that's lame, so i deleted it. here's the short version:

twitter is monotone and useless unless you want to follow your favorite celebrities. facebook is a really good social networking app. start a facebook.

michaelCODY said...

Twitter... *rolls eyes*

greg said...

I use both and they're totally different. It's easy to setup twitter to also update your facebook status so yes, you only have to do that in one place.

The main difference is that on facebook, both parties have to agree to be friends... you see them, they see you.

On Twitter, you can see whoever you want... anyone who wants to can see you. So, I have very few people who follow me on twitter, but I follow about 100 different people... most of whom I do not know.

On Facebook, I pretty much only have people I actually know in real life as my friends... people from church, college, high school, etc.

On Twitter, I follow a lot of worship pastors, tech pastors, leadership guru types, for Jessica I follow some coupon/bargain finders, I follow Lane Kiffin, Fake Ed Orgeron (there's a whole bunch of "fake" tweeters... some of whom are hilarious... fakejoelosteen and fakerobbell are 2 of the better ones). You can go to and see who I follow...

So... they're similar, but not the same. I've found twitter to actually be a really useful resource. Facebook has been great for keeping up with friends and our church has a group that is pretty active as well.

The Anonymous Human said...

@billwolf join the revolution!!

michaelCODY said...

I'm going to Twitter and see what Greg is eating.

Andy said...

i usually only update my status on facebook about once or twice a week, while i update twitter about 10-12 or more times a day.