Monday, April 20, 2009

You Give and You Take Away

Last week, I wrote and recorded a new song.

Click HERE to listen and read the story behind the song. You can also download the mp3 and the chord chart (I have no earthly idea why anyone would want the chord chart, but its there).

With demo stuff, I am just not that concerned with recording quality any more. I would love to spend more time on it and polish it up, add other instrumentation, etc. But...well, I simply have no time to do that now that I have a baby. Jude is either awake and I want to play with him, or asleep and I don't want to wake him up.

But either way, home-recording is no longer much of an option.

So, about the only way I can record anything is to do it at the office when I have a quiet moment and no one is around. And if you've spent any amount of time in our offices, you know how little that happens.

But the other day, I got the chance. No time to plug stuff in, or check levels...I just opened up garageband, used the internal mic and hit record. I got it in one take. Its not perfect...I hit a couple of sour notes and it sounds like I was in an old elevator shaft (which, of course, I was). You can even hear the people in the offices above mine banging away on something with a hammer. But despite all of that, I think it still captures the song.

So...again, if you want to check it the link above. And enjoy.


anyssa said...

i love it.

bill, i think you are such an incredible worship leader - your humility and passion for Jesus always comes through as you lead us to worship the Father. thank you for sharing your talent and creativity! i love you. and i mean that in the very best, friend-like way possible. :)

ragamuffinminister said...

you put the chord chart up for me, if no one else. the story and inspiration was good to read.

another good song by the acoustic balladeer, bill wolf.

michaelCODY said...

I know I'm just a medicore guitarist, but I think Flats in guitar music is laaaaaame.

(Personal note: This opinion could greatly be influenced on my incapability to know what they look like so can't play them.)

bill said...

Michael, are you referring to the Bb? It suppose you'd have to be, its the only flat in the song.

Wow, I've never known anyone who was so adamantly opposed to a Bb.

Tim said...

bill . . . once again i've realized why you are one of my favorite song writers . . .thank you for your honest, raw and beautiful music. . .every time i listen to your music it causes me run back towards jesus and to fall in love with him all over again.

The Anonymous Human said...


Before I comment on how much I love you in a very unfriendlike way, I want to make sure that you indeed wrote this from scratch and it isn't another hymn knockoff that will leave me disappointed like the feeling I get when I listen to "the king of love my shepherd is."


michaelCODY said...


Anonymous said...

I freakin hate Bb's too. They blow.

bill said...


Don't be mean. And yes, I wrote it. Maybe if you spent more time in church you'd be familiar enough with hymns to not be mistaken. I've spoken with your mother on the subject and she agrees.


greg said...

I'll also point out that if you say "the king of love my shepherd is" in a Yoda voice, it sounds really cool.

bill said...

Good point, Greg. Haha...that is really funny.