Thursday, June 19, 2008

sunday setlist 6-15-08

As I mentioned, I taught this past Sunday Blake Strozyk led worship. This was Blake's last Sunday at Crossings, which is sad for me for many, many reasons. He has accepted a position as the Worship/Creative Arts guy at Lifepoint Christian Church in Charlotte, NC. It looks to be great opportunity and I know he will do a fantastic job. I am very, very happy for Blake. But a little sad for me.

Anyhoo, here are the songs...

"(You) Bigger than the Air I Breathe" - Tim Hughes
"God of Wonders" - Steve Hindalong & Marc Byrd
"My Glorious" - Delirious

"Christ Our Wine" - original


michaelCODY said...

And of course the songs I took home to really practice and find fills for were cut... thaaaaanks Wolf-man.

jaybo said...

hate to tell you this....but it looks like you're a little behind again.