Thursday, May 22, 2008

sunday setlist 5-18-08

This past Sunday made 3 out of the last 4 weeks that I did not lead worship at Crossings. That is not totally by design. It has a little to do with our regular rotation of worship leaders and a little to do with Air Tran screwing up my flight three weeks ago (but let's not go into all of that again).

Robert Bennett led and did a great job; especially in the face of a little adversity. We ended up cutting two of the planned five songs because service was going long. But as I said, Robert rolled with the punches and really did great.

Here are all the songs we planned on doing...

"O Praise Him" - David Crowder
"Center" - Charlie Hall

"You Alone" - David Crowder (-this was cut-)
"Holy and Anointed" - John Barnett (-this was cut-)
"I Could Run Away" - Waterdeep

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