Monday, May 19, 2008

church signs

...oh, church signs.

Is there any better fodder for 'blogdom' than church signs?

Its like slow-pitch softball. A church decides upon a funny little quip, appoints someone to spell it out in bold, black letters on a sign displayed for the whole world to see, and effectively lobs a big, round target for us eager and well-equipped bloggers to swing away at.

On my better days, which are admittedly few and far-between, I try and give these churches and their signs the benefit of the doubt. Apparently, yesterday was not one of my better days.

I laughed, out loud and for a long period of time, as I passed by a church (which will remain nameless) yesterday on my way home. I was alone, but that did not stop me from pondering aloud what this church could possibly have been thinking.

Here is what set this church sign apart from is angled so that both sides face the very busy intersection on which the church is located. That isn't the impressive part. No, what truly makes this sign a cut above the rest is that they have taken full advantage of having visibility on both sides by displaying NOT one, but TWO catchy little slogans; one on each side.

They double the pleasure and double the fun.

So what two catchy little slogans has this church currently decided to display?

Side One: "Still breathing? There's still time."

Condescending? Sure. Callous and insensitive? Oh, absolutely. But, by all accounts, its still fairly run-of-the-mill for church signs. However...

Side Two: "Separate the church from the world"

Ahh. Simple, direct, and completely inwardly focused. Evangelism at its finest.

Now, I know that I am being a jerk. I'm sure Jesus wouldn't make fun of church signs. But, I don't know, sometimes I just see that pitch coming and my eyes get wide; I lick my lips, rear back and...

...oh, church signs.


chad. said...

I like: "Prevent Truth Decay...Brush Up On Your Bible"

Taylor said...

mmmm....I had to see that Church every morning for a year there.

It was a great way to get diarrhea first thing in the morning.

Going Weston said...

Well they might not be clever, but at least they're true.

ragamuffinminister said...

I'm still reeling from your New Kid post...sorry...can't comment on anything else yet.

The Anonymous Human said...

I still don't get what's wrong with what they said...

Mrs. Jake said...

One of my favorites was "God hates divorce" or the ever classic "sign broken message inside"