Monday, January 07, 2008

after weeks of waiting...

The new American Gladiators finally premiered last night.

For those who were as excited about this as I was, I'm curious...what did you think?


jason said...

fairly disappointed overall. way over-dramatized ("contestants ready!!!!! gladiators ready!!!!!), the commercial breaks way frequent and extremely long, and the howling wolf man was pretty annoying after the 7th howl.

but i did like the new events, i always loved "assault", and it felt like they were a little rougher than before. you could tell the contestants were feeling some real pain by the end.

oh yeah, and Titan is definitely a girlie man.

bill said...

i'm not convinced titan is human. his face, his hair, his man-boobs, he just looks...i don't know...fake. he can't be real.

and yes, it was WAY over dramatized. but all things considered...i think i liked it. i don't know yet.

it is a prime-time network game show. given that, it is way better than watching people answer 5th grade questions, open brief cases or dance with "celebrities".

i'll take blood, torn ACLs and 'roid-ridden super-humans any day.

The Anonymous Human said...

I agree with the "it's better than anything else on tv" argument (thanks WGA by the way). But I must say I was a little disappointed.

In the original, the men and women competed in the same events. Not so in the new. And this seemed more like the "World Gladiators" then AMERICAN gladiators. Where are the red, white and blue unitards?

However, to see men and women in obviously very good shape, struggle to finish a hellish eliminator was fantastic. Some of them couldn't even move afterwards! And I was a huge fan of the ref calling a penalty on one contestant for "giving him the business".

It's no survivor or amazing race, but I'll watch it tonight. It's not like there's anything else on (Zing to you Ohio State fans who are gonna get crushed by LSU!)

Betsy said...

I know Jake, I LOVED that he said "he was giving him the business!" that was the line of the night.

greg said...

Well, he was indeed giving him the business. Classic.

I'll tell you guys the ONLY way to watch this show is on Tivo. You can skip all the crap and just see the events. I watched the whole 2 hours in about 20 minutes and it rocked.

Blake Anthony said...

I believe that the contestants are actors in disguise. Everything was way too dramatized. I do like Titans cleavage though. I would watch it again because I pay for cable and I just like "assault” as well.

Anonymous said...

Was never a fan of the original Gladiators series. Less of a fan of the new one. I watched a few minutes between commercial breaks of what I was watching elsewhere - I was not impressed. It seemed so scripted that it made Hillary Clinton look genuine.

SciFi channel shows a "mini-marathon" of Star Trek: Enterprise on Monday nights. Better plots, much better characters.....:)