Friday, January 11, 2008

shocking photos

I have worked with Mark Nelson for almost a year and half now. We share a small office, sitting within a couple feet of one another day after day. We have spent countless hours in cars, on disc golf courses and at Panera's. I have learned much about this man the past 15 months.

But there is one fact about Mark Nelson that apparently eluded me.

Mark has baptized many, many people during the course of his life. One might concluded, based on that, that his senses may have been dulled to the excitement of the sacred event. However, while going through pictures of Crossings' October baptism celebration, in preparation of putting them on our website, I found that this certainly is NOT the case.

Below I have proof that Mark Nelson is most definitely not numb to the excitement surrounding baptisms. However, he does not appear to be happy or sentimental either.

No, judging by the pictures below, the overriding emotion that Mark feels upon baptizing someone into Christ is...shock.

I don't know why. He is the one who pushes them under and he is the one who pulls them back up. I'm not sure what exactly is catching him of guard here. But whatever it is, it is clear...the guy is absolutely shocked. Every time.


Betsy said...


The Anonymous Human said...

that's hilarious.

jason said...

it must have something to do with mark's aversion to saying "amen". it would seem that he prefers to say "hooo hoooop!" as a way of rallying God's people.

much like Moses did.

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michaelCODY said...

That's actually kind of weird, you know?