Saturday, December 29, 2007

let it snow

Betsy and I are home for the holidays. And by "home" I mean El Paso, Illinios.

Bet you didn't know that Illinois had an El Paso, did you? Well it does. Population 2,500. Two of those being my parents; still living in the same house I grew up in, across the street from the park and a block away from the elementary school.

Yesterday morning I woke up and looked out the window. And what my wondering eyes did see?

Snow. Which was a site for sore eyes. least it was for two people born and raised in the mid-west, very used to snowy winters. Betsy and I almost started to buy into this whole 'global-warming' thing. Having lived in Tennessee the last few years, where it is 70 degrees well into December (at least it was this year), you begin to wonder.

But alas, our fears were calmed yesterday by the big, powdery flakes falling from the sky. I took some pictures.

I have titled them "Giving Al Gore the Snow-Capped Finger".


Dustin said...

i haven't been to EP forever! Looks great. We're hoping for some snow while we're in IL. We're going to Nashville tomorrow through Wed. to hang with my mom and then coming back to Peoria on Thurs. so I hope it's still white. Last year there was like a blizzard in IL and then we flew back and all of the snow was gone. what a pisser.

michaelCODY said...

Aww... I want snow here! The houses look so countryish and cute.