Thursday, April 19, 2007

congratulations to me!

Today is a big day for me. Why? Because this morning I read the last set of Scriptures in the Discipleship Journal's One Year Bible Reading Plan.

This particular reading plan is designed to lead you through the entire Bible in one year by having daily readings from four separate places in Scripture (the history books/prophets, the wisdom books, the gospels and the New Testament letters). And mere minutes ago, I checked off the last of my readings.

I wish there was someone around to high five or to pour bubbly over my head. Because as of this moment, I am completely and utterly done...and it only took me a little over four years to do it.

Yes, I started the reading plan at the beginning of the second semester of my senior year of college. That was in January 2003. Today is April 19, 2007.

Now maybe you are thinking, "Bill, you can't be excited about this. You are an ordained minister and it took you over 4 years to 'read through the Bible in a year'?! That is pathetic."

Maybe. Of course...based on my last post...others of you may doubt that I have ever read my Bible at all.

But either way, I am excited. And I do have a good reasons for taking so long to complete it. I regularly took time off from this plan to memorize certain passages of Scripture or to study parts of the Bible that were especially relevant during certain seasons of my life the last four years.

Wait, no...I have no need to explain myself. This is a day of congratulation.

Even if it is self-congratulation.


Betsy said...

i would totally high five you or at least give you a hug or something if i was there. congrats babe!

Zach Below said...

I actually spent the last year memorizing the whole Bible. Leviticus was a little tough but the rest was a breeze. But I guess your little reading program is a good start. Seriously, high five. I've never made it past day 4 in any of those plans.

The Anonymous Human said...

wow, congrats man. I did that reading plan a little while ago. Went through the whole shebang. Genesis to Jervacious. Yup, good stuff.

Wait, what's that? You didn't read Jervacious? Your little reading track didn't include the greatest book of the middle testament? Oh man, you didn't read the whole thing! You're such a liar, and I'm pretty sure the second book of Ralph says something about that.

You've never heard of Ralph? Oh, then I guess we are all supposed to adhere to YOUR version of the bible. Yeah, well congrats on reading THAT!


Betsy said...

this post is so last week.