Monday, April 16, 2007

on my way to work...

...I pass this store. And I see this sign. Everyday. And it disturbs me.

I had Betsy snap a picture as we drove past it on Saturday, so that I could post it here. I want it to disturb you too. So here you go:

So, notice anything...disturbing?


The Anonymous Human said...


Anonymous said...

The sizes only go up to 8X? Hmm, I like my girls a little bigger than that.


bill said...

See. I don't have a problem with women who wear 8X clothing. I really don't. I don't even have a problem with them wearing lingerie. If their husbands like it...more power to 'em.

My only question is: who shops at this store? Do you really have to keep size 8X lingerie in stock? Couldn't you just say, "Well, we don't have it in store...but we could special order it for you and have it here by tuesday"?

Does this store really do enough business in the 8X lingerie department that they need to have it in stock at all times? And if so, do they do as good of business in the 4X 5X? 6X? 7X? Cause I'm guessing lingerie doesn't just go from 3X to 8X?

These are the questions that fill my mind as I drive to work everyday.

Going Weston said...

Dude, Jaime textd me about that sign!! I made her promise to go with me when I come in to town. you wanna go?!

but I agree, I mean are they thinking obese women are going to see that and say, "OH FINALLY!! a store that sells sexy stuff my size! I must go there!" I'm mean seriously...what women in their right mind that wears anything above a medium thinks they are the least bit sexy?

I thought 8X women just wore like, moo moos and sheets and stuff...?

bill said...

hey now...this is east tennessee. i would not surprised by anything.

to going weston. it is between a woman and her husband. if it works for them...awesome.

i just can't imagine that the clientele of the store would be such that advertising 8X lingerie on your sign would be of any profit.

other than great blog fodder, of course.

...and i'm not touching the moo moos and sheets comment with an 8X pole. you are on your own there.

ladies, send your complaint mail to 'going weston at'

Going Weston said...


but I better not get a bunch of fat chicks on my site...

greg said...

how many cows have to give their life for a size 8x leather dominatrix costume?

the world may never know.

Anonymous said...

I slit a sheet. A sheet I slit. Upon a slitted sheet I sit.

Say that 5 times fast.

The Anonymous Human said...

That may be the funniest comment on your blog I have ever seen.

I slit a sheet. A sheet I slit. Upon a sheeted slit I sh...oh crap...I can't do it.