Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain Gutter Bookshelves

This is a dramatically different post from the last one that Bill posted, but I saw these cute "rain gutter book shelves" on another site and thought I'd pass along the idea. Supposedly they encourage reading because the children can see the covers and not just the spines of the books:

Find the tutorial here.


Rafael said...

That's an awesome idea. Andrea and I may have to take some of the rain gutters off the house . . . or even better, off the Weaver's house!

Or, maybe we can buy them somewhere. Does Lowe's or Home Depot sell this kind of thing?! ;-p

Melissa Wisley said...

I spent hours reading her blog yesterday after you gave me her link. I love her ideas! I am going to use her laundry soap recipe. I don't think I would dig the whole group cooking thing though. It sounds too stressful. If someone else organized it I would be all for it! I know Lynsey would prob be all about it! Thanks for the link. I love blogs like that!

Charlie said...

great idea! thanks bill