Wednesday, October 28, 2009

peyton's language

I love Kenny Mayne. And I love Peyton Manning. I saw the video below on Sportscenter this morning. It is Kenny Mayne and Peyton Manning at their best.



jason said...

I love Peyton too. Funniest commercials on tv right now.

However, I also know that back when Shaq started doing less movies/tv/music, he also started winning more championships.

greg said...

(insert new jersey voice)
(end new jersey voice)

Come on Jason... that's ridiculous. Have you WATCHED the Colts play this year? Peyton is a machine and he is playing way above championship level. If the Colts don't win a championship, it isn't going to be because Peyton made too many commercials...

bill said...

First of all. Was this a commercial? I just thought it was a Kenny Mayne spot of NFL Live. But I could definitely be wrong.

Secondly, I agree completely with Greg. Peyton is at the top of his game...he couldn't be playing better.

Plus, one thing Peyton could never be accused of is being lazy and unfocused. Shaq, on the other hand, has been accused of being those things his whole career.