Thursday, October 15, 2009

Imagination Movers

This past Tuesday afternoon was like a dream come true...for Betsy. For Jude, on the other hand, it was really more like just a regular dream, being that he slept through most of it.

Disney's Imagination Movers (Jude's favorite show and literally the only show on TV he pays attention to...thus, it has often been his parent's favorite show, too) came to Knoxville and the Tennessee Theater on their national tour.

It was Jude's first concert.

Now, we realized it was as much for us as it was for Jude and that he probably wouldn't remember the concert. What we did not expect, however, was for him to sleep through it. But he did.

The show was about 90 minutes long. For us, it broke down like this...

First 5 minutes: Jude cried (and seeminly, not tears of joy).
Next 25 minutes: He watched...though it was obvious he would've rather not.
Next 30 minutes: He sprawled across both Betsy and I, and took the most expensive nap of his short life.
Final 30 minutes: He woke up and actually seemed to enjoy the remainder of the show.

All in all, it was a fun family outing. And to their credit, the Movers did put on a good show (all the other kids seemed to enjoy it, at least).

My personal favorite moment was during the last number. With no attention brought to it and no mention made of it...a miniature Stonehenge megalith (about 18 inches high) was slowly lowered from the ceiling. Seriously, they did nothing with it. But for Spinal Tap fans that were there (a.k.a the dads) they didn't have to.

So, there was a little something for all three of us: for me - a Spinal Tap reference; for Betsy - songs that she had long ago memorized; and for Jude - a nap.

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