Thursday, June 11, 2009


First of all, the Fiction Family show was amazing. Sara Watkins opened and was perfect. She played the entire show which I didn't expect. Very cool. I love Jon Foreman, his songwriting has been walking me through life since high school. Speaking of high school, remember what it was like to say "when I was in high school" and actually mean that it was just a few years ago? I realized on May 22nd, that I graduated 10 years ago. That, my friends, is crazy. I do not feel that old. Anyway, seeing Jon with the Watkins (formerly of Nickel Creek, in case you didn't know) was uplifting and inspiring. All of them play their instruments in a way that made me feel like I needed to be in a much bigger venue then the Square Room. Another side note-I LOVE the square room. It really is a great addition to Knoxville. How blessed is Crossings to be a part of it?! Back to my story, Bill and I were third row, right in the center, watching some masters of their trade play and enjoy what they do.

Secondly, I was over the moon about the NKOTB reunion, and now Zack Morris on Jimmy Fallon?!?! Can you even believe how incredibly cool it was of Mark Paul Gosselaar to do that? I was so in love with him growing up but I heard he was kind of a jerk. Now, he has won my favor once again. I will give it to the writers too; they touched on a lot of the best Saved by the Bell trivia! You MUST see this clip, taken from Hulu since they've been removing it from youtube.... GO HERE.

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