Saturday, March 14, 2009


Betsy here. I'm sitting in the living room. Bill and Jude and Harley are all cuddled up asleep on the couch. We just got home from the CIY Discipleship Retreat in Cincy. It was a great weekend. Highlights:

-They were short one female staff and one of my dear friends volunteered to come and surprised me! I was walking out to the car and heard "Bwolf!". I knew that no one calls me by my jbc e-mail address except the amazing Teri Foreman! Happy CIY Discipleship to me!!

-I had a great road trip with Emilee. The boy part of the band rode with Bill and the girl and baby part of the band rode with me. I think we had better music and Emilee laughs at my jokes so it's a win!

-The speaker was supposed to be Jim Johnson (whom I love to hear), but because of an airline mix up (Delta's fault) we had my old youth intern and former senior minister and current friend, Danny Curry, as a speaker.

-My parents decided to make a quick trip over today to see the little man.

-Red Robin. Yummmmm. (I know certain people reading this have a pet peeve when people repeatedly type the wrong letter to emphasize like I did with "Yum", but I think I used the correct letter.)

-Getting to see Chad Brown for our second weekend in a row! and Tim Fair for our second time in a month! And Nathan McConnaughhay! It's a good month to see all of them twice! And Blake three times!

-I was also really happy that Jess and Nick Rider got to come visit for a little bit. I wish I could be up there again soon to meet their baby boy after he arrives.

So basically, it was a great weekend! We also really enjoyed last weekend's, but I'm too tired to continue. Bill's show at JBC went very well. It's been a good week. This busy time is not over for us yet, but I feel overwhelmed with love for all of the friends I've been able to see in such a tightly packed amount of time. I pray for the adventures to continue. God is good.


Going Weston said...

man, you got to visit some many great people. I'm so jealousy

ragamuffinminister said...

that thing about both of you doing a blog and having more regular

:) Just kidding!!!

greg said...

I just surfed over here and was promptly chased out by a vagrant who had set up shop in a burned out stairwell.

This place is so deserted Shane Claiborne is thinking of having a sit-in here.