Tuesday, September 09, 2008

just one fantasy at a time please

After the first official weekend of the 2008 National Football League season, I am happy to report that I am 1-0 in my Fantasy Football League.

The best part of that is...I was actually able to follow my team. I could watch a game and know who to root for and who to root against. It was fantastic.

Last year, I was in four different leagues. In case you are wondering, four is too many. At least it was for me. Every week, my quarterback in one league would be going against my defense in another league...or my wide receiver in one league would have a huge day, but I would be bummed because my opponent in another league would be starting him too.

It wasn't that I couldn't keep up with it all, it was simply that I didn't enjoy it.

So, I promised myself that I would only be in one league this year. And in order to do that, I had to disappoint close friends; I had to say "no" to people, which I am horrible at. But I did it, it really was not easy...but I did it.

And I am so glad that I did.

On a total side note, even though I am in only one official fantasy football league...after the first quarter of the New England/Kansas City game on Sunday, I kinda feel like the whole NFL season is going to be bit like fantasy football this year.


The Anonymous Human said...

I am still disappointed.

ragamuffinminister said...

soooooo...i get it. no applauding a serious injury. that's completely tasteless. i know...

...but i'm having a hard time not jumping up and down...

My confession is over.


'fess up dude...the truth is, it's a lot easier on the ego to lose one fantasy season than it is to lose six of them. it's okay to admit it man, it's a blog. if you can't be real here, where can you?

Cameron said...

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