Monday, July 21, 2008

sunday setlist 7-20-08

opening song:
"I Don't Know" - Ben Pasley

"Our Great God" - Fernando Ortega
"One and Only" - original
"Christ Our Wine" - original
"Famous One" - Jon Bon Tomlin

For those Crossings-ites who were craving something in the flavor of a big, 6/8 anthem to be sung at the top of your lungs...oh yeah, we broke out "Famous One"; took it right out of the 'that's so 5 years ago' file. Its a good song and I thought it went over really well yesterday.


The Adkins Family said...

How does "Our Great God" work out for you guys? I love that song and have kind of been itching to do it... we don't do enough songs with the word cherubim.

bill said...

...and seraphim.

we love it. as far as i can tell, it seems to be one of our favorites.

The Anonymous Human said...

"Christ our wine"

Haven't heard it. Did you post it on here yet?

ragamuffinminister said...

are you going to put out an album anytime in the near future? (i know, you're a parent, homeowner, minister, busy). Just curious.

greg said...

I'd like to know if we can cover "Christ our Wine" here at Powell but also if it's okay if we make a subtle lyric change... "Christ our Grape Juice".

Would that still rhyme?

jaybo said...

Christ our Grape Juice...

you know He doesn't hate you
who let that ape loose?
He set your chains loose
what an insane cruise
put a stop to rape and abuse
came to heal a lame moose

just some options for you, if you do decide to change the lyric.