Monday, June 09, 2008

smelly people

At Crossings, we want to look like, act like, sound like and even smell like Jesus. And we know that there are many people in our little faith community who are "redolent with the aroma of Christ"; people doing things, big...small...whatever, that make Jesus' presence real and tangible to the people around them every day.

We want to hear those stories and more than that, we want to share them with the rest our community. So we are trying to start a video series (2-3 minute pieces that tell these stories; which we would play as a part of our worship gathering, maybe once a month or so...) titled "Smelly People".

Here is a promo we put together for it:

(by the way...kudos to Kim Bedford for having to smell so many people in one day and to Gabe Crutchfield for filming her do it).

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Anonymous said...

This is brilliant.