Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sunday setlist 5-11-08

This past Sunday was my first time leading worship in a few weeks.

We did an all acoustic set and had a blast. Blake Strozyk played mandolin, melodica, djembe and acoustic (not all at the same time...but its still pretty impressive). Matthew Nelson played accordian, my wife played glockenspiel and Dane Lakin played drums/percussion.

Here are the songs...

"Behold My Weary Soul" - original
"I Saw the Light" - Hank Williams
"All Creatures of Our God and King" - traditional
"Let My Words be Few" - Matt Redman

special music(?):
"Open Road" - Alex Woodward


"I Will Not Forget You" - Waterdeep

By the way, does anybody have a better term than 'special music'? We don't necessarily like calling it that, but we can't come up with anything better. It is basically just a song that goes with the week's teaching. Any ideas?


Mr. politically incorrect. said...

"retarded music"

ragamuffinminister said...

I've heard of...

"creative element"

My favorite is having no title at all.

You could always go with "something we had fun putting together but not sure if it fits but we're ok with that so just enjoy".

bill said...

we kind of use the 'no title at all' approach...on our cuesheet it always just says 'song'.

but sometimes, in discussion, we need to differentiate between it and the others songs. i like 'extra song'.

jason said...

as a "cutting edge" church (and a "cutting edge" worship pastor), i think we should invent our own words or phrases for things like this...and other people can ride the wave of our ingenuity. some thoughts:

experiential moment

the turn (turning the tide from worship to teaching)


the bump (as in it gives people goose bumps to hear you play such sweet music)


ragamuffinminister said...

on our production sheets, we go with "follow up song" or "pre-teaching element", but, yeah, it's mainly to tell the difference on paper. at the actual service i tell everyone to sit down, shut up, and listen to my sweet music.