Thursday, May 01, 2008

sunday setlist 4-27-08

I was on an airplane at the time, but here are the songs we did last Sunday at Crossings. Nate McConnaughhay led and, I hear, did a fantastic job.

He, like everyone else involved in service last week, had to make some changes Saturday night because of my air travel issues. But he is a trooper and rolled with the punches. Thanks Nate.

Anyhoo, here they are...

"O Worship the King" - traditional (but Tomlin-ized)
"Hosanna" - Hillsong United
"In Christ Alone" - Keith Getty
"Mighty to Save" - Hillsong

"Here is Our King" - David Crowder

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greg said...

Somebody should make a movie where they see what happens if their church only sings Chris Tomlin songs. They could call it "Tomlin-ize Me". That would be awesome.