Wednesday, April 23, 2008

sunday setlist 4-20-08

Okay. I think its time. People have asked me to do this for a while now. But honestly, I have just felt weird about it. I mean, seriously...who cares what songs we do at Crossings?

Well, I'm still not sure I know how to answer that question. But the truth is, my friend Greg has recently started doing this and I have found it interesting. Helpful? I don't know. That remains to be seen. But, as someone who has to pick out new music every week, I really enjoy getting to see what other people are doing.

So, with that in mind, here is our set list from this past Sunday...

"Wholly Yours" - David Crowder

"Jesus' Blood" - Delirious
"Before the Throne of God Above" - traditional
"Crown Him with Many Crowns" - traditional
"Nothing but the Blood/Revive Us Again" - traditional


ragamuffinminister said...

i was trying to NOT cave in to greg's pressure...but you haven't helped me out. :)

guess it's my turn. i actually like reading what others do. every once and a while i find something i didn't know and really like.

in any case, i like the traditional songs you did a lot. i love doing older songs (for younger crowds especially).

greg said...

You guys know I'm always setting the cool trends. I mean, who do you know who had a blog before I did? I rest my case.

Seriously though, thanks for doing this. It's helpful because if I see guys I know and trust doing a song, I'll consider it because I know you guys probably wouldn't do it if it wasn't a solid song.

dart loser said...

you guys should all hug now

michaelCODY said...

Is the "Nothing but the Blood/Revive Us Again" really a traditional though? I thought it was a medley.

bill said...

yes, michael...both songs in that medley are hymns. we change the music up a bit, but the songs are still traditional.

jason...i would love to hug jeph and greg. brothers don't shake hands.

jeph, oh yeah...i love hymns. i also love the freedom at Crossings of being able to choose ANY song regardless of when it was written or what "category" it falls into. i'm excited to see what songs you are doing.

and greg. you are the coolest person i know. if i only made decisions in life based on what you have previously done...then i believe my life would be a blessed one.