Friday, April 04, 2008

exciting news

I found out yesterday that NKOTB is back! No joke.

And if you were to tell me 6 months ago that the day on which I first learned of their return, that it would be the second most exciting bit of news I received that day, I would have thought you were crazy. But yesterday, that was in fact the case.

Because...boy, oh boy, did Betsy and I receive some good news yesterday.

Boy, oh BOY.


greg said...

Dude, that is fantastic! I mean, either would have been awesome, but I know you were pulling for a boy so well done.

There's a pretty funny youtube video that lists a bunch of names you shouldn't use... it helped me and Jessica a lot.

michaelCODY said...

That's awesome!! I knew it!

The Anonymous Human said...

Thank you for dooming me to girldom.

I appreciate it.

ragamuffinminister said...

someone to play in your 'still trying this' band in 15 to 20 years!!


great stuff. cherish the early times and take tons of pictures and video. it's well worth it.

jason said...

that's awesome...about the BOY, and about NKOTB.

I'd be really happy if Kid-n-Play, Genesis (with Phil Collins), the original Nintendo, Menudo, Das EFX, and Demolition from the WWF would all follow in their footsteps.

Taylor said...

I'm proud of you for listing NKOTB and the gender of your child as equally exciting news.