Wednesday, April 09, 2008

10 things i love about...

Michael W. Smith's "Secret Ambition" video.

10. the doves
9. the fist pumps
8. the soft-rock mullet
7. the very manly 'thumbs in belt-loop' stance while singing falsetto "Ooo's"
6. the close-ups, ranging from a** kicking to pensive
5. the camera panning away from said close-ups while Smitty looks away in the opposite direction
4. more fist pumps, more doves
3. the vest, the tight denim, the boots, the watch, the sleeveless T
2. the spinning alone in a desert
1. Jesus

Here it is in all its glory. Enjoy (...and see if you can spot Horatio Sanz as Pontius Pilate).


Betsy said...

i know a girl who can do a pretty GREAT impression of smitty in this video.

The Adkins Family said...

tell me that isn't really horatio sanz. Tell me. Please.

Actually, the way you can tell it isn't him is that he isn't cracking up laughing.

You're on thin ice making fun of this video dude... we showed this at camp like every single year. Half of Mark's youth group came to Jesus as a result of seeing this video.

Betsy said...

we used to watch it every single easter at church.

bill said...

betsy does do an amazing impression of his dance moves in this video. it is one of the reasons i married her.

i didn't know that mark used to use this video. thats really funny. hey in 1993, this video was great. it still is, but now for different reasons.

bill said...

by the way, i figured up a little math equation today...

Richard Marx
+ Chris Tomlin
Michael W. Smith

Anonymous said...

The doves are beautiful.

The Anonymous Human said...

Just where DOES Jesus get his hair done? My wife was wanting a perm like that. So shiny, vibrant and full of character.

Going Weston said...

How about those swim moves at 1:02, 1:17, 2:27, 2:39, 2:41, 3:13, and 3:36...Lets see Betsy do those!

Jessica said...

Just a little history here for you.

In the summer after seventh grade, at Mark's week of camp, he showed that video to us one night. I cried my eyes out and asked Mark to baptize me when we got home.

Good job being a jerk.

Just kidding...about the jerk part.