Wednesday, January 23, 2008

patriot rain

As is obvious by my last post, I'm not real excited about the Super Bowl this year. I'm certain I will watch, but I really don't know if I'll watch it with other people. Which, in this country, is like saying, "Yeah...I'm going to stay home and not celebrate Christmas with anyone else this year." Its almost sacrilege. But the simple truth is, I want full control over how much of the game I see.

If the Patriots are blowing them out, I'm not watching. Period.

If Tom Brady is having an MVP-like game, I'm not watching. If Bill Belichick goes for it on 4th down early in the game and gets it, I'm not watching. If they continue to get lucky breaks and crap calls from the refs, I'm not watching. If Rodney Harrison misses an easy interception and acts like he hasn't dropped every ball thrown his way the last two seasons, I'm not watching (that guy is way past his prime, by the way. When was the last time he actually held on to an interception? I'm guessing it was before he got busted for using steroids).

The thing is, I'm not even really rooting for the Giants. I'm just rooting for the Patriots to lose. No, scratch that. I'm rooting for the Patriots to get injured. A lot of them.

I know, I know...that isn't very Christ-like. But Christ didn't have to put up with Tom Brady's chiseled good looks and gaudy statistics. Even Jesus would root against that guy.

Especially since we all know Jesus is a Peyton fan.

Either way, the undefeated Patriots have rained on the whole NFL parade for me this season. I guess, its only fitting that they would end it by ruining my favorite national holiday as well, the Super Bowl.


betsy said...

true. true.

Anonymous said...

Tom is kinda cute, isn't he...

betsy said...

heck no.

bill said...

cute, for a guy in a fake cast.

Anonymous said...

Well, his butt is cute.

Going Weston said...

Tom Brady is kind of cute, but so is Paris Hilton, John Mayer, and everyone on Mtv and Vh1 reality shows....all of whom deserve death.

Maybe people wouldn't hate the Pats so much if they weren't such cheaters. What? you think they are "cheaters" just because a couple people tattled and there was no real evidence...? well just talk to my ex-wife, I couldn't catch her cheating but everyone in the neighborhood knew she was...And that sure didn't make me hate her less.

greg said...

patriot rain.
makes me want to cut open my veins.
patriot rain.
randy moss just slapped some chick again.
patriot rain.
their record hopefully will become maimed.
patriot rain.
keep a hoodie wrapped around your brain.

bill said...

greg, i hope you leaned away from the computer and took a breath after every line you typed.

The Anonymous Human said...

Well, let's hope Jesus is a Manning fan and Little Brother can tap into some of that Holy Spirit football-MVP that he gave Peyton last year.