Sunday, January 27, 2008

buechner or bust...

...that was my mantra this morning as I rolled out of bed and brewed an extra strong cup of coffee.

At 7:45am, I and five friends squeezed into a minivan and made the two hour trek to King College in Bristol, TN to be a part of the inauguration of their Buechner Institute.

The writings of Frederick Buechner have made a significant impact on my journey of faith the last few years. To be here today is...well, for a lack of better words...pretty stinking cool.

It started at 10:00am with a ceremony in which he received an honorary doctorate. He then read a few short stories from his book "Yellow Leaves", which is set to be released later this spring. After that, I got a couple books signed and, thanks to Greg and his iphone, had my picture taken with Mr. Buechner (I will post those pictures soon).

Right now, I'm sitting in the library between lectures. So, unfortunately, I can't type for long. But the good news is, we made it Buechner.

Which means I did not bust.


SCOTT said...

i have never been more jealous of you than right now...i really love buechner and i was trying to explain him to peggy and well it was a challenge so I said here read this...and let it soak in

Anonymous said...

Ok, if you're using "stinking" as an adverb, you have officially been indoctrinated as a Nelsonite.