Monday, October 08, 2007

five things

Here are five things I learned in the world of sports this past week:

1) God hates the Yankees. There is no other way of explaining one of the strangest sports stories I have ever heard of. Click here to read about it.

2) The Patriots are really, really dominating crappy teams. The combined record of the 5 teams they have beaten thus far: 7-16. And they had to cheat in order to win at least one of those games. Let's all hold off on the "16-0" talk until they beat just one team that doesn't suck. They'll get their chance next week against Dallas.

3) Marion Jones admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs. Apparently, this is a story...although I don't know why. She hasn't been a legitimate sports star since the 2000 Olympics. And we all knew she had taken steroids anyway. Despite what an athlete may think, it doesn't take admitting to it for the general public to accept the fact that he or she took performance enhancing drugs. In fact, I don't think I can name one athlete that has had serious steroid suspicion surrounding them that has been cleared of the allegations. It just isn't newsworthy anymore. Now, if she had been injecting Michael Vick's dogs with steroids...well that would've been a story.

4) Um. So maybe...maybe 4 fantasy football teams is too many. Because unless Marion Barber, by himself, can outscore Terrell Owens and the Cowboys Defense by 35 points or more tonight, I will have a losing record in every one of my leagues by the time I wake up tomorrow morning.

5) Thankfully, being taken out of Game 1 of the NLDS after only 85 pitches, the Cub's #1 starter Carlos Zambrano will be very well rested and ready to go for his next April.


ragamuffinminister said...

4 teams? Dude. Aren't you married or something?

bill said...

yes. but no kids.

yeah, its entirely too many. i'm having a hard time keeping up with who i am for and who i am against and in what league and yeah...its just too many.

Dustin said...

great observations Bill.

I am only in two fantasy football leagues and am having trouble maintaining, I can't imagine four! Plus, my self-esteem can only handle getting dominated in two, as I currently am.

But being in four, it's got to be exciting watching football because no matter who is having a good game, you can rejoice for that player has got to be on one of your teams right?

Anonymous said...

You know how you can tell if allegations about steriod use are legit? Is there a lawsuit following it. If Barry Bonds really didn't take steriods, he would be suing the pants off of whoever said he did.

A growing head + increasing home run productivity the older he gets + no lawsuit after allegations = steriod use.


jason said...

I say this with the utmost love and respect.

Bill, I've noticed recently that you're a little more buff, your beard grows out faster than normal, and your musical skills are advanced beyond your years. A little suspicious, don't you think?

More buff + thicker beard + advanced music skills = ...I'm not suggesting anything, it just raises some questions.

bill said...

if you are suggesting what i think you are suggesting, be careful.

i will sue.