Thursday, October 11, 2007

We have recently made updates to our website. And of course by "we", I mean our web-design guy Rob Laliberte. Rob does all the work...and amazing work, at that.

All of our video projects can now be accessed and watched without ever having to leave the site. You know, in case you'd like the ability to watch 22 seconds of Betsy and I dancing at a fake rave whenever you want.

Also, we now have photo albums online from events like (such as) our Launch Sunday, Leadership Communities, etc. Although, in going through all of our photos, it became quite clear that we simply have not taken enough pictures recently.

That will hopefully change this weekend.

Sunday following our worship gathering, Crossings is having our first Baptism Celebration (my vote was to call it an "Immersion Excursion"...but whatever).

So...stay tuned for pictures of wet people.

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