Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a conversation with blake...

This is a recount of my favorite conversation from this past week. It took place between me and my good friend, Blake, as we wrapped cords after service on Sunday...

ME: (head down...wrapping cords)

BLAKE: So I got online this week and looked up ways to grow facial hair...

ME: (shaking my head and chuckling)

BLAKE: I'm serious.

ME: (...still chuckling)

BLAKE: I wanted to see if there are any remedies out there.

ME: (...still chuckling)

BLAKE: Seriously. I'm 25 and I'm tired of looking like a 12 year old. I know GIRLS that can grow more facial hair than me.

ME: (chuckling a little harder)

BLAKE: (somewhat confused at why I'm laughing, mutters under his breath) ...I found some oils and stuff.


Anonymous said...

Was it a chuckle or a giggle?

bill said...

good question.

yeah, it definitely started as just a nice, light chuckle. but as far as by the end of the conversation...it would be completely fair and accurate to label that 'giggling' instead of 'chuckling' or 'laughing'.

i certainly would not object to such a clarification.

good question.

x-ray chick said...

Poor Blake.
Don't worry, God will give you facial hair, and hair in places women don't like either.

Anonymous said...

can you find out the website with the oils and stuff

Blake Anthony said...

I am taking donations please send your offerings to blakeneedsmanhair.com