Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a holiday suprise...

While home for the holidays, I attended St. Mary's Catholic Church with my parents. This was the church that I was born and raised in; Baptized, took my First Communion, and was Confirmed all before moving on to go to a non-denominational Christian Church at age 15.

I have been back on a few occasions, but probably not in the last 7 or 8 years. It was nice to attend mass with my parents again. It was a little like a time warp, though. Many of the same families were sitting in the same seats, the same men took up offering, and the same songs were sung. Not a whole lot has changed.

But there was one thing that was unexpected and quite funny. When I glanced at the information table in the foyer...what to my wondering eyes should appear...but a stack of my CDs for sale. It was like my own little merch booth right there in the lobby. And even funnier...a number of them had been purchased!

Well, look at me. I'm all...ecumenical and stuff.

The first picture below is of the church bulletin. Yes, I know, they messed up the name of the CD, but so what...I'm ecumenical, baby.

The other picture is a check from the church. Apparently, they bought one...maybe for the youth group or something. I laughed really hard when I saw it because it looks just like a paycheck. And never in my whole life did I ever expected to hold one of those.

Anyhoo, there was plenty more that happened over my Christmas vacation. But this was certainly the most noteworthy.


betsy said...

that was your favorite part? i mean, it was cool, but you saw all your nieces and nephews for the first time since last christmas too. what about when we asked ben what uncle bill sings and he said "iloveyoulord". that was pretty cuuute.

greg said...

yeah dude, if the highlight of your Christmas was you sold a CD for $10.00 to a catholic church, maybe it's time for you to think about having kids. Seriously. :)

bill said...

i never said "favorite part" or "highlight", i said "noteworthy".

i thought it was a nice little story. no? sorry. but why so mean, people?

greg said...

I guess I was reading between the lines... where you said "Noteworthy", I guess I read "Greatest thing that has happened in my life ever!".

Just giving you a hard time man... it's cool. It's always cool when the music you've made finds its way into an unexpected place... somewhere you never would have dreamed it would end up.

Did I ever tell you the story of the guy I knew who went to England for a trip and he met this guy in a coffeeshop who gave him a ride back to his hotel... and in the car he had playing a CD of my "52 songs" music? Talk about bizarre.

bill said...

that is awesome, greg. i always thought your music had a nice 'anglican' feel to it.

but i feel like i need to say something, greg. i NEVER give you a hard time. i NEVER go to your site and leave asinine comments. NEVER.

oh wait.

ha ha. no, i know you were just giving me a hard time, dude. i was just being stupid.

The Anonymous Human said...

How the hell do you not give a discount to the church? And God's Church no less. They have a pope and everything. And yet no discount. You are headed straight to purgatory my friend...

Blake Anthony said...

When you were at the church, did you think of the Dane Cook skit about communion because I would then I would probably burn for it.