Tuesday, December 19, 2006

back to You

(click here to listen or download)

May the words that we sing be more than a song
May our melody reach beyond
May the breath from our lips,
which You first did give,
find its way back to You

And may the lives that we live be the refrain
That this song of praise would never wane
Even in minor key,
may our harmony
finds its way back to You

May the hearts that You've sought throughout the earth
Hear the song that You sing and know their worth
May their souls awake
to a brighter day
as they find their way back to You

This song is my prayer for our little faith community here in Knoxville, known as Crossings.

(note I: I recorded this song at 3am Sunday night, with nothing but a prayer and a banjo...and a melodica. also, I must warn you that I have been playing the banjo for less than a week.)

(note II: before anyone says anything...yes, I do know that John Mayer already has a song titled, "Back to You". but that was the only name I could think of. sorry)


Mandy said...

for what it is worth i listened to this while atley was in the bath tub, he stopped playing and listened. When it was over he said, "Mommy...again." :)

bill said...

ha ha. that is awesome, mandy. hey, if nothing else...i write good "bath-time" songs, apparently. i'm totally alright with that.

The Anonymous Human said...

Often times I try my best to write something in the comment section that will make you laugh or remind you of something funny. Mostly this is so when people read my comments, they will want to read my blog. Yes, I am that selfish.

However, when I read the lyrics you wrote and think about the type of community that you and mark and the rest of the launch group are dreaming of starting, a longing begins to fill my soul. And when I listened to the recording I literally began to cry. It inspires me to want to do something eternal with my life. I think this is when you are at your best. I've told you many times that "My Soul's Only Life" is the best song on your album. They are all produced well, but to me, it's the most heartfelt and authentic song on the record. I feel the same way about this song. God bless your community. God bless His community. And may we all know our worth as we journey back to Him.

betsy said...

hey you. i thought you'd update today. i was wrong. but i stopped by a couple of times to check.