Friday, September 15, 2006

want to win $500?

As I have previously mentioned, Betsy and I are going to be part of a church plant that is launching this February here in Knoxville. Last week, the plant's lead team finally settled on a name. However, now we need a logo.

This is where you (...and the $500) come in.

We are having a contest to see who can design the best logo. We are accepting submissions for the next few weeks and the winning entry will receive $500 cash.

Here are a few good things to know:

1) the name of the church is Crossings
2) this is why we choose the name Crossings
3) we are looking for something simple, clean...think Apple computers
4) well...I can't really think of a fourth point, but there is some legal lingo that you might want to peruse. The language is foreign to me, but I'm sure you graphic design people will understand here you go:

JPGs and PDFs (no larger than 1M please) will be accepted for initial concepts, but winning logo will need to be submitted in EPS vector file format which permits usage of elements separately. Submissions must include both color and black and white versions. $500 award will be paid directly to the selected artist, upon which time Crossings will own unlimited usage rights ad infinitum. Award will be paid after delivery of final artwork on CD and usability of said artwork has been confirmed. Any similarity between selected design and other submitted designs is coincidental; only the winning artist will be paid for their submission, regardless of how similar another artist's submission may be. By submitting a design, the submitter agrees to these stipulations in their entirety.

Send your submissions to The deadline is October 4th, so you've got a couple weeks to play around. Have fun.


Zach Below said...
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bill said...

2nd time in two posts that some one has left a comment and then deleted it. who are these mysterious people? and why are they so unsure of their comments?

-clint said...

here is mine...i'm so sure of this post that i'm going to leave it here for all the world to see...but when you've finished reading you'll notice i said nothing at all.

bill i am excited for you, in all seriousness i really am...kinda like when you were about to step out on the wrestling mat and there stood a hairy monster in skimpy clothes before you and the thought oh dang do i really want that to touch me started flying but you got out there anyway and broke a thumb or two but still you wrestled with all you had. thats what i think of when i remember you've stepped out of everything comfortable and started this journey. good luck!

-shalom be with you

joey said...

dude...i love the name.