Wednesday, August 30, 2006

a question for you:

What is it we are asking for when we call for reform in the Church?

Let's move past ideology for a moment and speak practically. What is it we want?

I hear so many people in and around my age talking about a "different kind of church" or a "different approach to doing church" own voice included. But what is this "different" church we are longing for?

Often, I wonder if it doesn't have to do with our age. It seems every revolution is started by disgruntled 20-somethings trying to buck the system. Will we soon grow complacent with the Church, replacing our current idealism for the comfort of our 30's? Maybe.

I also have pondered the possibility that the issues we have with the church exist because we want it to be doing the things we know that we should be doing, but aren't. As individuals, deep down we know that we don't care enough about the poor, so we get upset with the church, as an institution, for not doing more to help them. As individuals, we sense that we don't spend enough time in fellowship with "non-christians", so we claim the church is too inwardly focused.

Maybe when we call for reform in the church the underlying truth is that we are really calling for reform in ourselves. Maybe.

But I do know one thing for sure: we are sincere in our desire to see the Church improve as the Bride of our Christ and the Pillar of Truth in our world. We are authentic in our passion. We want what is best for God, for His kingdom and for His children...and that is a healthy and effective Church.

So, I really am asking...those of you who are sensing, and even vocalizing, a need for something different in the Church...what is it you are wanting to see change? What is it that the Church is currently doing that you believe could and should be done differently?

I am struggling through all of these questions right now and am curious as to what you have to say. Because unless we move from conversation to reality, all of our zeal will be in vain and all of our dreams will fail to come to fruition.

So...what does this "different" church look like?


The Anonymous Human said...

I don't know.

-clint said...

i'm thinking too and trying to sort through all my questions to be able to clearly articulate my unsettledness.

bill said..., being able to clearly articulate it is so important. sometimes i feel like i'm just a cynical, arrogant know-it-all tha wants things his way. but deep down, i know that isn't the case. and i hate feeling like that. i think it is vital that we learn to articulate what we feel, because i know that we are sincere. it just doesn't always come out that way.

mommak said...

Book of Acts describes it pretty well.