Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Are you a pastor? A youth minister? A christian with a passion for guitars and the unsaved?

Have you ever wondered, "How can I reach the MTV generation? How can I be relevant and cutting edge?" Well, today is your lucky day.

Hip and Holy Records presents: "The 10 Most Powerful Church Cover Songs"!

This is the greatest collection of "Secular Radio Hits Whose Lyrics Sound Vaguely Christian" ever assembled. And its not the least bit cheesy!

From Creed to U2; Vertical Horizon to R. Kelly...the best in Church Special Musics have been compiled into one easy to find CD. These are the best recordings money can buy, with performances from 7:33 in Athens, GA to Cresent City Community Christian Church of Christ (also known as CCCCCC). You will be blessed by their passion if not by their obvious and total lack of talent.

So, no more boring services with no connection to the "Real World". Buy "The 10 Most Powerful Church Cover Songs" from Hip and Holy Records today for just 6 relatively easy payments of $2.99! Call now. Operators are standing by.

note I: Any reference to an actual church or ministry is purely coincidental and no offense was intended.

note II: Please don't ask me how many of these songs I have personally performed at church. Its pretty embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

They are all a bunch of no-talent a** clowns! U2, Led Zepplin, the Police, GNR. Give me a break. These guys are all lucky they aren't in a dumpster somewhere. But oooh that R. Kelly, he can sing. :)


Taylor said...


by the way...pajamas with footies?

-clint said...

well done