Sunday, June 11, 2006

out of service

Hurricane Bill is set to hit the Gulf Coast tonight a little past midnight and will last until Friday morning. Due to the severity of this event, I will not be online until Saturday afternoon at the earliest.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

(I apologize for referring to myself in the third-person...and as a hurricane. I am leading worship for a Purdue Campus House Mission Trip and will in Long Beach, MI all week. But check back next week. I'm sure I'll have something deep and profound to share with you. Or at least something mildly entertaining.)


The Anonymous Human said...

interesting. I wasn't aware that michigan was hit by a hurricane last year. I imagine that would be devestating to a state that hasn't had a hurricane in...oh, let's see...a few million years or so.

However, if you were referring to Long Beach, Mississippi (MS) then I can understand the need for help.

bill said...

Ha ha...I'm a fool. well played, keck, well played.