Wednesday, April 12, 2006

the war on easter

Finally, a cause worth backing. I know, I know...we could concern ourselves with fighting world hunger, or unfair foreign trade policies, or things of that nature. But why worry about petty issues like that when the real problem with our world is so obvious: Easter.

Check this out.

So apparently a belief that has survived and spread under intense scrutiny for the last 2,000 years (literally since day one) is going be taken down a notch or two this Sunday by 666 copies (Ooo, clever) of a DVD that will childishly be snuck into and left inside various churches across the nation. Impressive. This Brian Flemming guy is quite possibly a bigger tool than Michael Moore (which I did not know was possible).

He is either unbelievably arrogant or unbelievably foolish. Or...more than likey, he is just in it to make money and understands that stirring religious controversy is a very lucrative business. In that case, I applaud the guy because I'm sure he will be extremely successful.

But if he is even slightly sincere in believing that this will have any kind of effect what-so-ever on Christianity...he is moron. A comletely and utter moron.

By the way, Mr. Flemming, I am also a "a self-described 'former Christian Fundamentalist'". But that doesn't make me hate Jesus...just Christian Fundamentalism.

But whatever, good luck with your mission. I am sure you will accomplish...something.

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...I have a few comments on unfair foreign trade policies when you have a minute. Thanks.