Friday, April 14, 2006

baptism in america

Here is a very interesting article from USA Today regarding the decline in the number of baptisms in the United States in recent years.

This discouraging trend is currently shared by all denominations: Catholics, Southern Baptists, Methodists, even non-denominational churches.

Personally, I thought the part about the growth of the "Seeker" Church, which generally down-plays tradition and ancient rituals in it's attempt to make faith appealing by making it simple, practical and non-threatening, as being a part of the problem was especially interesting. The non-denominational "Seeker" Church is the type of church that I have been a part of for the past decade, and my opinion is that this observation is quite accurate.

Do you have any thoughts on the article?

(NOTE: this article does quote Brian McLaren and Rob Bell. So, come know its worth reading.)


Dustin said...

good news bill! Titanic the Sequel!

You probably already knew about this however being such an avid fan!

bill said...

listen...i know that the greek word for baptism means "full immersion". and by that definition, yes...the titanic and almost all of its passengers were in fact "baptized". but we are not here to talk about movies, dustin.

plus, the "t2" (as i like to call it) trailor is a fraud. it spliced together clips from 'basketball diaries' and 'catch me if you can' and 'romeo and juliet'. it is very well done...and hilarious. but don't mess with me and my knowledge of leo's film catalogue, d.

(i hope everyone knows that i am totally kidding with this comment. otherwise i will sound like a complete jerk...and real girly jerk, too.)

Jake said...

Interesting article. Kinda makes me sad...not sure I can say specifically why. But, sad, none-the-less.

Dustin said...

hahahaha, nice response. yeah, it was very well done. I loved it !