Sunday, March 26, 2006

vegas baby, vegas

After playing the last two nights here in Vegas, we are leading worship this morning at Canyon Ridge Christian Church and then hitting the road. The trip will take somewhere around 30hrs. Yeah, it'll be long.

The Vegas leg, which is the final leg, has been a blast. I've gotten to see a lot of my old friends and the guys have had a chance to see Vegas in all its beauty. Hoover Dam, the Strip, In&Out...all the important stuff.

One really fun aspect of the trip is that we picked up some kind of stomache virus or something in since Tuesday at least one person has been sick everyday. We even got Jake and Candice Keck throwing-up. Sorry guys. So, since Colorado, we haven't played once with full confidence that we were all going to make it through the night without puking all over ourselves. It's added a whole new excitement to leading worship.

Sorry this is short. I need to hit the road and get to Canyon for this morning's service. I'm sad to see the trip end...but I'll be happy to get home and see my wife.

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Betsy said...

yeah you will!