Tuesday, March 28, 2006

and...i am back

Whew. The trip out west is done and it was amazing. It was hilarious and scary and frustrating and wonderful. I'm glad we were taken along for the journey. And I can not imagine having more fun with any other group of guys. We laughed a lot and bonded a lot...probably more than is healthy. But hey, 60+ hours in a car together and walls break down.

There is too much to share here, and I realize that this is all that I have posted about recently. So I won't go into any more detail. But I will say that the whole trip truly was a blessing.

I do kind of feel the need to admit something to you, though. I don't really know what the purpose of the trip was. I mean, I sold some CDs...which is good, and I know that every church we visited really enjoyed us and wants to have us back sometime...and thats good, too. But I believe there was a greater purpose for us having traveled so far to join these specific churches in their ministries.

And I believe it is a purpose that is not our own.

I believe God had a purpose in birthing this idea somewhere inside of me last September. I believe He had a purpose in bringing it all to fruition. I believe He had a purpose in closing some very obvious doors and opening ones that I would never have thought of entering...and others that I didn't even know existed. And I believe His purpose had everything to do with bringing Himself glory and honor and praise.

That is all I know: that He had a purpose. I know that. I believe that. However, I honestly have no clue what it may have been. His purposes are above and beyond me. They are eternal. All that my mind can comprehend is the temporal. Sometimes God does reveal pieces of His purpose to us and we are blessed to recieve such glimpses. But a lot of times He simply says, "Go. Do. And trust Me."

Now, we can ask why...and we should ask why. But we can not always expect a clear and direct answer. Because God knows how unable we are to handle the complexities of Him and His ways. And really, I think God probably cares a lot less about our questions and answers than we do. I think what He really enjoys is our asking, our seeking, our acknowleging that He knows and we don't...that He is the Provider and we are the providees...that He is the all-powerful God of the universe and we are His children. That glorifies God as God. And it humbles us.

And from that position, when all parties are in the proper place, God is fully able to rightly bless us...and bless the world through us...all to His glory.

So, what was the trip all about? Yeah, I don't know. But I certainly praise God for it.


Betsy said...

did you find your soul mate on the trip? is it taylor?

Dustin said...

glad you had a good trip, sounds like a lot of fun.

Alligators/Crocodiles, who gives a *$&#?