Saturday, January 01, 2011

rich rambling

Below is a video of Rich Mullins in concert 4 weeks before his death. The clip is 9 minutes of Rich just kind of rambling. There is no clear cut Big Idea that he is trying to get consistent theme to it, he is just rambling. But like all things Rich, it is deep and prophetic and totally worth your 9 minutes of time.

There is really nothing left to be said about Rich Mullins that hasn't been said. But as I was watching the video below, and others with Rich in it, my son was sitting next to me at my desk watching too...and he was riveted. And I know it had everything to do with the hammered dulcimers and mandolins and drums...but he sat and watched as Rich talked too, for 9 minutes or more.

As good as his music was...and it was...I really hope at some point Jude will be able to equally appreciate the truth of Rich's words and work.


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Anonymous said...

mr mullins was not rambling I understood what he said. i was listening and he spoke of intolerance.

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Daniel said...

Rich Mullins said:
"Closeness to God is not about feelings; closeness to God is about obedience."

If you really were "obeying God", you would actually have fellowship with Him. This knowledge of Him (based on His mercy not our merits [Jer 31:31-34]) is the definition of eternal life [Jn 17:3] and it is a gift to be possessed [Josh 18:3]/laid hold on by faith [1 Ti 6:12]. The proof that we are not truly in faith (which is the primary of the definitions of "obedience" in the NC [Jn 3:36 ESV; Ro 1:5; Gal 5:7; 2 Th 1:8]) is that we don't have fellowship with Him.

1 John 1
7But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, WE HAVE FELLOWSHIP WITH ONE ANOTHER, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin."

I still respect Rich Mullins, but when I started studying and asking the Holy Spirit to help me believe the Good News (having found I could not believe it on my own), I actually saw that Rich Mullins sadly did not have a clue as to what the Good News was/is.
This is the only explanation as to why he would make a song accusing God of "Playing Hard To Get", or why he would seek to join the RCC: he wrongly considered his relationship with God as being works-oriented (which is flesh justifying ungodly flesh, not God justifying ungodly flesh--wherein the power of pride, which draws us away from God [Ja 1:14], is inescapable [Ro 3:27,28])--and, as a result (or a punishment--for his "disobedience" to the Good News), he could not fellowship with God except at random. I know, because I've gone through the same or a similar thing (who hasn't?).
The fact that he was constantly getting drunk is proof he wasn't in grace, since grace is the power to be holy. Call a spade a spade. One minister said that 80-90% of the men in church have problems with viewing porn. Do you know if they were walking in faith and grace [Ro 5:2] they would be having victory over the world and the sin in it [1 J 2:15,16, 5:4] because they would have the only thing which is of value against indulgence of the flesh [Col 2:23]?
I'm not claiming to be perfect in every respect (I'm only as righteous as my faith is correct--and I am still learning the Good News, and asking God to help me submit to it), but I would not want to live the way those men live--subservient to sin, because of a lack of grace and faith in their lives. Living in sin is not a proof of grace, nor does it glorify God: the unrighteousness of men suppresses God's glory; it is the righteousness of God (revealed from faith to faith) that reveals God's glory resulting in the praise of His glorious grace [Ro 1:16-18; Ep 1:6].

Why does he care about "the lives of the (so-called) 'saints'"? They are not the standard; the Bible tells us what to believe! Mother Teresa did not have contact with God, and felt like a hypocrite for telling everyone that they should love God when she wasn't experiencing God's love. Why didn't she have fellowship with God? Sadly, her allegiance was to a false burden and not the burden to obey/believe the Good News.

Michael Twin said...

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