Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Basil Marceaux didn't win. Dang it. Well, you can't say my blog didn't do its part. Apparently, some dude named Haslem will be our next governor. He probably is a bit more lax on traffic lights than Marceaux...but I bet his diction is much better.

Anyway, I apologize for the long haitus. Kind of. I realize I didn't mention it here, but I did intend to take a few months off from blogging...mostly because I wanted to aim all my extra energies at school work.


Well, here's the math. From August 1st to December 1st:

Blog Posts:
Pages of Required Reading Read: 2,820 (does not include any reference material)
Pages of Analysis, Exegesis and/or Review Written: 151 (does not include bibliographies or title pages)

I just handed in my second to last assignment of the semester. And not knowing exactly how much work it would be, I did know it would require sacrifice. I promised myself it would not affect my family or my ministry. So, that left my leisure time. I have not read any books outside of what is required for school and for ministry; I suck at fantasy football (which, at least I have an excuse this year); I watch a heck of a lot less TV; I have abandoned my weekly basketball game...and I haven't blogged since Basil Marceaux was still considered a shoe-in for Governor of the great state of Tennessee.

So that is where I have been. And that is what I have been doing. School work. Oh...and Betsy and I gave Jude a sister.

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michaelCODY said...

Hey how does Harley do with the new family additions just for a heads-up for the future. Is it a difficult transition? Any ever temper fits or anything?

Granted, I still have a year or two before the possibility of such issues. :P