Saturday, April 17, 2010

a concert and an elevator ride

Tonight I got to hear the song that I sang for my first ever solo (in 7th grade) by its original artist: El Shaddai by Amy Grant. Betsy and I got FREE tickets to her charity concert in The Square Room. I won't tell you how much the actual tickets prices were, I'll just say it was a ridiculous amount. But its for charity, so there you go.

The highlight of the night, however, was not El Shaddai. It was after the concert, when we got to share an elevator with Amy Grant and her drummer. They were doing a "Meet & Greet" with her after the concert, and for reasons still unknown to me, they wanted to do it upstairs in Crossings office. So, with the lobby packed, we opted to take the elevator up to the third floor to clean up the office a little before everyone got there.

We press the button. Elevator doors open. Amy Grant is standing there staring back at us.

We stepped in and I said, "Great job tonight." Betsy said, "I cried."

Anyway, here is a video I took with my phone of El Shaddai (sorry no video of the elevator ride...that'd be creepy).


Jessica said...

I love it that Betsy said "I cried." I can totally picture it.

betsy said...

i actually said, "i cried a little".

Courtney said...

this is just mean to rub in my face. i actually wrote a letter to amy grant in elementary school and thought she'd actually write me back. i could've confronted her about it in the elevator. maybe next time..

hahaworld said...

Hey, Bill! Thanks so much for sharing the Easter Stories and Songs CD and book with me. I got to listen to it yesterday. I hope it opens a lot of doors for you!

Your pal,
Jt Oaks