Thursday, December 10, 2009

greg is tweeting hilarious...

Greg Adkins is one of the funniest people I know. Exhibit A...

In light of THIS story about The University of Tennessee's football team and their use of "hostesses", I tweeted this question yesterday:

"So what does "hostess" really mean? Cause pretty girls holding signs is one thing; but pretty girls doing other stuff could be really bad."

Greg's response:

"I can tell you that "hostess" under the previous coaching staff meant one thing and one thing only. Cupcakes."

Well played, Mr. Adkins. Well played.

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jason said...

Exhibit B - Greg has always enjoyed using the word "bunghole". How funny is the word "bunghole", dude? And to be brave enough to actually use it in daily life. HILARIOUS.


Phil Fulmer, on TV, circa 2007: "We've practiced hard this week, worked hard, studied film. We're improving every day, and ready to play Florida this week."

Greg: "That's total crap, you bunghole. Go stuff your freaking piehole with a cupcake."