Tuesday, September 15, 2009

random sports thoughts...

1. I hate how lucky the Patriots are. And don't quote Billy Zane from 'Titanic' and tell me that "real men make their own luck". No they don't, Billy. The Patriots got lucky. They got outplayed and they got lucky. Again.

2. Adrian Peterson is the best running back I have seen since Barry Sanders. I have always said that you can't simply judge a running back by his statistics. I think much more important, when deciding how good a running back is, is his highlight reel. That is why Emmitt Smith wasn't half the running back that Barry Sanders was. Ever see Emmitt Smith's highlight reel? It is shot after shot of him running through huge, gaping holes and not getting touched. I don't care how good your offense line is; I want to know how explosive you are, how elusive you are, how athletic you are. I want to know how talented of a runner you are. And the best way of judging that...watching the highlight reel.

Anyway, with all of that said...Adrian Peterson, barring injuries, is going to be an all-time great when its all said and done. That play on Sunday was insane.

3. I was honestly okay with the Bears loss on Sunday night...at the time. I really think Green Bay is going to be one of the best teams in the NFC; their defense is ridiculous. And I wasn't disappointed with Cutler. Okay, scratch that. I was...but I can give him the benefit of the doubt. The Bears couldn't get anywhere on the ground, so he had to air it out; his receivers gave him no help, and again...the Packers' defense is just very good.

But, when I found out yesterday that we also lost Urlacher for the season...well, now I am discouraged about that loss. That really sucks.

4. I watched Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame speech yesterday on youtube. I have heard a lot of negative comments about it, but honestly, I don't understand why. I mean, it was extremely arrogant and self-centered. But...that is who he is. I thought it was funny and a kinda cool look into his career. I don't know what people expected.

5. I really, really feel sorry for Serena Williams right now because of how she's being treated (mostly by Mark Nelson).

Okay, that's it. I know its not the most interesting or insightful of blog posts. Sorry. But my guess is that only you, Jason Edelen, have made it this far anyway. So with that in mind...Hey Jason. You should really start blogging again.


bill said...

Jason...? Anybody...? Geez, I was just kidding about the Serena Williams thing. I don't really feel sorry for her.

Anonymous said...

1. I don't follow football enough to know what you are talking about.

2. Interesting and creative way of judging a running back...by his highlight reel. I think you are right, that is a good measuring stick.

3. Yeah, the Packers are really good. Disappointing to see Cutler with the most interceptions in a game in his career though. I almost expected it though I must say. I am, after all, a Cubs, Bears and Illini fan.

4. Yeah, I think people overreacted big time, which I don't understand. I always try to get in the person's mind and try to see things like they do (which you can't, but you know what I'm saying). He views the world and basketball a lot differently than most. Understandably. People have been calling him the greatest basketball player of all time for nearly 20 years, and he makes some comments to allude to this truth and people blast him for it. Crazy. Was he trying to settle some old scores? Maybe. But I think he earned being able to say everything he said. Now I don't know how this correlates to what I will say next, but I will say it is different. Somehow.

5. What Serena Williams did was bad. What Kanya West did was even worse I think. But they both fall into the same category. A category that disturbs me and which seems to be manifesting itself in society in the last few years even moreso than it has in the past. I think the root of these outburts all come down to what C.S. Lewis describes as the Great Sin: Pride or Self-Conceit. I will post the link since he said it better than I could summarize.



Jason Edelen's Alter Ego said...

1. What does Billy Zane know? How much luck has he created for himself since being a co-star in Titanic? Zilch.

2. I don’t get ESPN and don’t watch a ton of football, so I’ve not seen nearly enough of AP to have a good opinion. His stats don’t lie though at this point. And the only juking that Emmitt Smith ever did in his life was on Dancing With the Stars.

3. Indifferent about the Bears, personally. But glad that Green Bay is good, because it only goes to solidify their choice to say good bye to Brett Favre. I hate that loser.

4. Michael Jordan is the greatest ever, and I’m fine if he knows it and says it. But he should watch the arrogance these days. His last comeback was mediocre at best. He’s totally tanked as a basketball executive. And he never wins any of the celebrity golf tournaments he plays in, even though he once said he was good enough to make the Senior Tour when he gets old enough. His arrogance at this point is starting to be sort of like me being arrogant because I was the home run champion in my last year of Little League. Which I was.

5. Don’t even mention Serena’s name on this blog. She got what she deserved. And have you noticed she’s more muscular than probably any white guy either in the MLB or the NBA. Girl is ripped. Kim Clisters is the real story here. Home girl takes 2 years off to have a baby, comes back, and win the US Open in her 3rd event. Not sure if that speaks very highly of women’s tennis, but it certainly says a lot about her.

(Funny side note – last night on Jay Leno, Robin Williams said that watching Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova play tennis is the closest thing most men will ever get to hearing two women have phone sex. And then, in classic Robin Williams fashion, he demonstrated what he meant.)

6. I speak on behalf of Jason Edelen, and suggest that he may start bloggin again soon, only less frequently and more thoughtfully than before. Stay tuned.