Tuesday, September 01, 2009

crossings new logo...

Mark and I designed this logo yesterday. What do you think? It certainly limits who we will attract, but you know...I think it might be truer to who we really are.

No. Actually, we just had our 2nd Annual Crossings Fantasy Football Draft last night. With our picks displayed on a 72 inch plasma screen, we went to almost 11:00pm trying to decide which 3rd string running back is going to produce best sitting on our bench for three weeks before being dropped for whatever defense is playing the Detroit Lions.

I'm almost positive I did not draft well. But we'll see. You never can tell.

Though this is its second year of existence, this is my first year playing in the league and I'm really excited. I'm always up for losing to new people.


greg said...

wow, way to rub it in my face that you quit my league... a league you've been in for 3 years. I guess I should have done my draft on a giant plasma... maybe you would have stayed.


jaybo said...

On Sunday night, across town at the Crossings MEN's Fantasy League, we also had a draft AND supported the mission of HPFTWBTG by having 3 non-Crossings people in our league.

One guy in our small group, who shall remain nameless to avoid embarrassment, and who also never watches football, selected these top 3 draft picks - 1. Eli Manning 2. Bo Scaife 3. Stephen Gostkowski. The number three pick came down to a either kicker or a favorite concessions food item. He went with the kicker.

My non-football friend, if you're reading this comment, you rock.

bill said...

Greg...I'm sorry. I really enjoyed losing to you guys too. I don't know what else to say.

Jaybo. I think that we can make an official rule that any Crossings league in which an owner selects Stephen Gostkowski third cannot be referred to as the Crossings "MEN's" league.