Sunday, August 09, 2009

New job(s) and Arts Academy Video

Hi! Betsy here. Bill, Jude and I just returned from a fantastic vacation with his side of the fam. For once I don't feel like I need a vacation after my vacation. I was able to have fun with family, eat lots of carbs and finish a wonderful book (Father Joe, by Tony Hendra---please read it!!!!).

I accepted a position as a part-time women's minister at the Christian Student Fellowship on the University of Tennessee Campus. I can't wait to begin meeting the students and working with the girls. Since accepting the position I have been reminded of the dream I had in high school to go into ministry. I graduated with a Media degree at JBC but I actually also completed the entire youth ministry degree too, just for fun, including two youth ministry internships. I loved working with the college students in the Admissions Office and had the best experience in my Crossings small group made up of college girls. All of these student relationships have been so very important to me and I am so excited to start working with students as a vocation. I'll start meeting students next weekend!

Finally, here is a video that Taylor Brown put together with images and video from the first Arts Academy done in conjunction with Tribe One. He did a great job with it. I watch it and miss them! Enjoy.


mollyann said...

Betsy!! Youre going to be so good at that!! Congrats!

Kenny said...

that's so wonderful betsy!!! very happy for you!

Kenny said...

nicole btw... miss you!