Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"There's never any time!" -Jesse Spano

Funny story-when Bill first asked me to just join his blog I said, "No. This is what will happen: I will actually take time to update it and then the very next day you will post something and no one will ever see what I posted." Fast forward to the day after my first post, when Bill posted that amusing and true video, and then noticed that I had JUST updated. Because he's a good man, he removed it and waited anxiously for a few days to share that with you.

Since my last post where I updated you on our lives, I have been blessed with an opportunity to help out a local project by doing some research here from home. That has definitely added some busy-ness to our schedule but I am really enjoying it and learning a lot about Knoxville. More details to come at a later time!

The past week and a half have flown by. We had some very close friends in last week. They stayed here with us during the week and more friends came in over the weekend. It was like a mini reunion and it was great to re-connect. Bill led worship for Johnson Bible College's homecoming rally and was so tired and kind of sick all week, but God worked through him and we've heard a lot of very positive feedback. It's amazing to hear because honestly, he had no voice or strength by the time he got home every night last week and we just prayed that God would overcome! He did!

This is all I can think of to update you with right now. If I think of more, I'll update...in the meantime, Bill will probably update tomorrow and you won't read this post! Oh, I hope you like the flowers I added to the sidebar...just a touch of Betsy-ness for you.


Mel J said...

girl band doing music videos in exercise clothes = caffeine pills.... don't do it!!

michaelCODY said...

Im going to mow those flowers for Bill because I love him.

Mom Wolf said...

I love the flowers on the border, Betsy. Also..congratulations on your new research project. I am sure you will do great with it. Have a good couple of weeks. (before we see you soon) Love you.