Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tag team back again, check it direct it and let's begin!

Betsy here. Bill had the idea that between the two of us, if we shared a blog, that our posts would be more frequent. We'll see about that! I feel that if I am going to share a blog that I need to put some of my own touches on it somewhere. Like there need to be flowers or something. I also don't write pretty like him, or write songs. I really just blog about what's going on in life. But I suppose most of you know that because you probably already read my xanga. So anyway, here is what life is like in the Wolf house right now:

-This week is homecoming at JBC. Bill is leading worship and has been fighting a bug for over a week now...please pray that he makes it through this week and gets stronger despite his lack of rest! Along with homecoming, so many friends who are near and dear to us are visiting...weirdly enough, most of them aren't going to homecoming!
-Bill is teaching this weekend at Crossings
-Next weekend and the weekend after that we are going to CIY Discipleship Retreats and Bill is leading worship for them and also at Crossings
-The following week Bill has a show at JBC where he will play his original music (We would LOVE Crossings people to come too!!!). I think it's March 12th. I'll get back to you on that.
-Bill's parents and sisters and kiddos are visiting for several days (CAN NOT WAIT!)
-Lastly, a trip to West Virginia with Taylor where they will lead worship for another teen convention

As you can see, life is hectic! That definitely should explain a lack of posts. Still, we are enjoying life. Jude is getting his first tooth and moving all around and getting into everything. I am trying to keep both of those boys healthy and take care of the house. I'm also still enjoying having energy and time to cook more. I made some white chocolate and almond biscotti tonight and have eaten way too much of it already.

So there's your first update from the female third of the wolf pack.

Biscotti, anybody?


Mel J said...

I was totally amazed at how far I could continue rapping in my head... Thanks for that flashback!

michaelCODY said...

Super busy but super cool stuff. Hi Miss Betsy!! *hug*

Derek said...

mmm, that looks tasty

Janie said...

Hooray! I love the perfectly complementary Wolf blogging. (Betsy - I'll be candid ... I followed you more than Bill so this will give me a chance to catch up with him. Don't tell him tho.)

Three thoughts:
-We need to add "Betsy Wolf" to the blog header at right.
-Will Jude be starting his own blog or will his musings come alongside mom & dads in this e-world?
-Never gonna give, never gonna give, never gonna give ... yes, in my head all day now. Thanks.

Heather Brown said...

Is that a giant hoop earring?!

Jeremy and Jessica said...

I really want some of that biscotti now.

Emilee said...

so is your xanga life over? i just want to say i love you and you get way more comments than bill.

Betsy said...

emilee, it may indeed be over. but you can still comment here whenever you want.