Monday, January 26, 2009

come to the table

Yesterday was our second week of a 4 week teaching series called "Come to the Table".

We have been studying the book of Genesis since the beginning of September. But, because we have changed our Sunday morning location, we thought we should take a short break to talk a little about our values and about grace; that way, anyone who might be checking us out because we are the new kids on the block will know what we are all about. We'll jump back into Genesis in a couple weeks.

Last week, we had two guys from our community who happen to know a thing or two about the art of carpentry build us a table, right off stage, during the service. It was a pretty cool visual.

This week we took that same table out into Knoxville and shot a short video. Last week was about God bringing us to the table. This week was about us bringing others to the table. Here is the video...


Anonymous said...

Um...that was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Great video - I'm curious to know more

Whipple said...

Okay Bill. That video was absolutely stellar. I don't know if you just used some hand-held camcorder or DVcamera, but the shots were great. And furthermore, what you guys did is great.

There was a commercial for Kleenex not too long ago, in which a guy took some armchairs out into downtown (NYC, perhaps) and sat down to simply listen to people. People told their stories and eventually began to cry. Thus, Kleenex. But the premise of the thing has always stayed with me as an idea of how the Church in you and I should come to know people.

I would love to hear the conversations that happened at that table.